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We're so excited to be able to give you access to ON DEMAND content from our world-leading music, development and emotional connection program for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

We are world-leaders in this space!  Yes we were the first! 

Established 2006, BLMF is a world-leader in teaching music with embedded milestone development & neuro-musical science. 

For this reason our program has been so successful to grow across Asia - they love how our program is informed by science.

Baby Love Music Fun music classes started in Melbourne in 2006 and there are now 100+ centres in China, Singapore, Malaysia and across Victoria that also run our highly unique, multi-development classes.

The program is multi-sensory, neuromusical science based and focused on high quality music experiences for children.

So now we bring you access to the program ON DEMAND!

Now you can watch full online classes of our baby, toddler and preschool classes to watch and participate together with your child in home music play  or Rent Full Music Classes to Learn the Program Together

Get your instruments and props ready and join us for an online music class! Fun for the whole family.

We outline what you'll need to participate in the video description and get ready for music with Mel at home

Need instruments? Shop Online - We'll Deliver to 3121 postcode and nearby

We recommend you watch these videos on your TV or screen in your lounge room together with your child and participate in all the activities with your child using instruments and props and listening to directions from Mel along the way on Neuromusic applications, milestone development and language development and the most incredible music education a child could ever receive! 

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