Preschooler Classes with Quality Music and Live Singing and Accelerated Milestone Development

Preschooler Classes focus on music development with the addition of our specially created early school readiness musical activities that stimulate engagement in literacy, numeracy and social development. We explore the fundamentals of music in really unique and funs ways. By the year end your child will understand beat, rhythm, pitch, notation and musical form concepts.

Movers and Groovers for Preschoolers aged 3-4 years (Parent/Child Course)

Movers and Groovers and their parents will LOVE attending this weekly class together. The course incorporates our uniquely fun parent/child role-play activities that combine with music and social/creative development. Parent and child will learn the fundamentals of beat and rhythm together and begin learning solfege and singing in tune with chime bars and playing simple songs together. Huge variety and as always each class will contain at least 1 opera song, a musical book or performance, school readiness activities, music making activities and development of fundamentals of music such a beat/rhythm, pitch and notation.

Preschooler Drop Off Classes -Child Only Class

This course will complete your child's musical education with us. Now that your child is 4 they can attend our music classes by themselves. Their musical development in this class is honed so that when the time comes soon to start learning an instrument the fundamentals of music have been introduced and are familiar. The musical role-play activities with embedded music development are so much fun and we learn through play. The progression to learning an instrument after attending this class will be easy and enjoyable. Familarisation with ear training and singing, beat/rhythm work, musical form, notation and musical expression are explored in fun and memorable ways with the children through games, dance, playing tuned instruments and singing. Every class every week is different, engaging with repetition of concepts not activities. You will be in awe of how much music your child learns in this course. The course is enhanced by weekly handouts for home practice and repetition. Some of our Creative play themes explored in this course are cats, animals, super heroes, pirates, fairies, western, rain, halloween, easter, christmas and many more

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