Term 1 2020 Pass for Saturday Walkers 9:00AM Class (7 classes)

The perfect music and development class specifically for 1-2 year olds.

This class will really get your 1 year old listening and keeps them engaged for a whole 40 minutes. This class offers the the right balance of fast changing props and longer more engaging activities all masterfully designed to get your 1 year old listening and playing with you instead of running away!!!


NB: 1-2 year olds don't have to be walking, can be cruising or crawling but should be ideally 12 months to engage in the langauge and social milestones delivered in this class.


VENUE: 314 Church Street, Richmond



Monday 3 FEB - 27 MARCH

*Public Holidays for Term 1* - MONDAY 11 MARCH NO CLASS



*$26/class (term rate)

*Make up any missed classes by attending on another day or sending a friend in your place any time during the term 

*Term members may attend extra classes in the week for 50% discount

*Term members get 20% discount on concerts and holiday programs




Saturday Walkers 9:00AM Term Pass