Term Pass for Wednesday TummyTimer/Sitters/Crawlers Baby Combo Course Class


Babies aged from 3 months to around 12 months and not walking are welcome at this specialised baby music class which offers activities from across the Tummy Timers, Sitters and Crawlers courses.

Our expert teachers can adapt any of the activities to suit babies of this age mix and term graduates all receive our special 'milestones' graduation certificate. 


Come early to our family music playgroup any time from 10:15am and enjoy some relaxed socialising while we lead the music and play. This playgroup is offered FREE with your music class and really helps the babies warm up and be ready for music class.




Monday 3 FEB - 27 MARCH

*Public Holidays for Term 1* - MONDAY 11 MARCH NO CLASS


Big standing and sitting gathering drums 

Floor drums, shakers and bells

Puppets and puppet shows

Sensory objects: feathers, pom poms, wooden blocks, stacking cups

Balls and tunnel play


VENUE: 314 Church Street, Richmond

Music session will start at 11:30am - 12:10pm and will run for 40 minutes

Playgroup session runs 10:15 - 11:30 and you can come to this anytime.



Wednesday Baby Combo 11:30am