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Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the brain (Oliver Sacks) & the bits that relate directly to chi

Oliver Sacks is also the author of the book that became the movie "Awakenings" - you might remember it from the 'frozen' elderly people who could catch a ball or move to music but remained frozen at all other times. I think Robert de Niro was in it. One of my lovely class members gave me his new book, Musicophilia for Christmas and I really enjoyed the whole book, it was an easy read with some really terrific, baffling and amazing tales in it. My favourites being chapters on a 40 year old doctor who after being struck by lightning became obsessed with playing classical piano and some years later actually performed a concert of Chopin. The chapter on musical hallucinations and brain worms was also fascinating as was the tale of the woman with Williams syndrome who can sing over 2000 arias in various languages from memory. Whilst reading it I also noted down anything that was particularly relevant to music and the child's brain and wanted to bring these to your attention.

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