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10 tips on how to get the most out of your weekly music class

Babies can be unpredictable but there are somethings that you can do to help the music class run smoothly and to maximise your enjoyment of your weekly music class together.

  • Try to attend class just after a feed and sleep as this promotes a routine of Sleep, Feed, Play to encourage a happy and willing participant in the class.

  • Praise, clap, laugh, smile when your baby does anything that looks like the activity you are attempting. It's called Positive Parenting and it's never to soon to start.

  • Forget all the other parents are there and sing too - your baby LOVES YOUR VOICE. (even if you think you can't sing)

  • Listen to the teacher's tips and advice on what you are trying to achieve out of the activity.

  • Try and be on time so that the baby has time to socialise and settle before the class.

  • Try and leave toys and distractions in the pram or out side (they will only distract your baby and the other babies)

  • If your baby is not engaging or just having one of those days- it is a good idea to take them outside for a little circuit breaker and rejoin the class when things are settled. Talk to them and let them know this is your special time together and that you really want to go back and play. They CAN understand you.

  • Try and participate as much as possible in the class yourself- it will help your baby engage too.

  • Bring snacks for after class or give yourself time to feed your baby after class before rushing off- with all the learning and listening baby will get very hungry

  • Be attentive to other babies and what they are up's OK to help other parents out with this especially if it looks like a baby may be grabbing hair/eyes or faces. This is normal baby behaviour but it pays to be alert and circumvent an incident. NO one likes tears in a music class.

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