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Using music to teach your toddler counting and playing fun games

Can a 2 year old play hide and seek?

Yes! This is a great game to introduce your toddler too. Here's our tips for getting started.


Counting to 10...or more (numeracy)

Learning to keep eyes closed (Social development)

Learning to search under and behind things (Cognitive development)

Learning that things can be hidden and found again (Cognitive development)

Hiding things under/behind (motor skills)

Rest time for you...once they get the hang of this game you can let them stay hidden for a little while before you find them (hehehe)

In our Walk and Talkers toddler music classes we love teaching this game through our song, Where Are You Hiding which is set to the tune of the famous, Largo from the Barber of Seville.

We start with a big bag of teddies and introduce the the 'game' concept.

Let's play a game of hide and seek

Then the teacher hides the toys will the toddlers all face the wall and count to 10 with their adults.

When we've hidden all the toys we say ready or not here you come and away they go running all around the room lifting up rugs, pillows and buckets that all have toys hidden inside.

Then we sing, your turn to hide and with their adult they hide the toys. When I sing ready or not here I come they usually can't help themselves but help me find all the teddies.

Feedback from adults is that toddlers just love it and they start finding toys hidden behind cushions and inside things.

So cute to see little ones trying so hard not to peek!

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