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Enrol In Baby Music Classes In Melbourne At Baby Love Music Fun

Stimulate the development of your child by enrolling in baby music classes in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun. The programs at the school are based on the science of developmental milestones in children using Victoria’s Best Start and the New York Centre for Child Development checklists. Research shows that during the first three years of life a child’s brain is not completely developed. The brain will develop depending on the stimuli that affect it. Research also shows that children who are exposed to music develop stronger neural connections.

All baby music classes in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun are taught by professional singers. Founder and director Melanie Maslin is a professional opera singer of 20 years, holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in music, and also possesses degrees in speech and drama teaching. Classes are held in a group setting and run 45 minutes. Children are exposed to a variety of music and activities and also experience live musical performances each week. Classes are very affordable at just $18 per session and for newcomers a free trial class is available. Catering for irregular routines the program also offers drop-in classes where available at an affordable rate of $26 per class. The program has seven courses in total from baby to preschooler.

Classes begin with Tummy Timers classes for expecting mothers and for babies between three and six months. Classes progress through the stages of development: Sittin’ Pretties and Rockin’ Rollers for infants aged six to nine months, Commando Crawlers and Cruisers for those aged nine to 12 months, Walkers for those between 12 and 24 months, and Walk and Talkers is for toddlers aged two to three years, Movers and Groovers for preschoolers aged three to four years and Preschooler Drop Off classes for children aged four to five years.

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