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Find The Benefits Of A Baby Music Class In Melbourne

Your young one will reap the benefits of taking a baby music class in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun. The school was established in Richmond in 2007 and features professional singers as teachers. There are two Melbourne locations, the other established in Mornington, Mt Eliza in 2017. The school is a world leader in interactive and development-based baby and toddler music classes. The school is so highly regarded that Asian schools have sought it out to purchase its one-of-a-kind program.

A variety of classes are available, beginning with the new Tummy Timers Baby classes, which are for expecting mothers. Research shows that babies can hear from inside the womb from 16 weeks onward. The research also shows that babies will have a strong preference for music they hear while in utero for up to a year after birth. You can take the introductory baby music class in Melbourne, Tummy Timers, which suits those babies aged three to six months. Classes progress to Sittin’ Pretties and Rockin’ Rollers for those that are six to nine months old, and to Commando Crawlers and Cruisers at the age of nine to twelve months.

There are toddler music classes as well for those aged 12 to 24 months and a separate class for those between two and three years. The course also offers preschool classes which focus primarily on the fundamentals of musical development and promotion of literacy and numeracy with parent interaction for three to four years and drop-off classes for four to five year olds.

Baby Love Music Fun allows you to take advantage of the benefits of group music classes with casual passes and a fully free trial offer. Classes are very affordable, just $18 per class, and a variety of offers exist including the tremendous starter offer, which includes a CD and three classes for just $55.

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