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Improve Your Child's Development With Music Classes For Toddlers In Melbourne

Studies show that infant’s brains are not fully developed during the first three years of life. Brain development is highly affected by the stimuli that it encounters. Research also shows that young children exposed to music make stronger neural connections and develop all sorts of motor skills, social skills, and emotional skills more quickly than others. Music classes for toddlers in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun are designed to do just that.

Baby Love Music Fun was established in 2007 with a school in Richmond. The popularity of the program has helped the school expand to a second location in Mount Eliza in 2017 as well as three internationally licenced programs in Singapore and Malaysia and China. The BLMF licenced program is available for sale to anyone interested in starting their own business and who wishes to experience the rewards of teaching babies and toddlers. The school’s learning program has won international acclaim for its use of interactive and development-based activities.

All music classes for toddlers in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun are taught by professional singers. They are also trained in early childhood education. Classes start with the new Tummy Timers for expecting mothers. Research shows that babies can hear in utero after 16 weeks. Infants aged three to six months can enrol in the regular Tummy Timers class and progress all the way to the Pre-schoolers class for those aged four to five years. Parents can try a free trial class with no strings attached and all of the school’s classes are very affordable at just $18 per session. A variety of offers are available to save even more.

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