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Our Early Childhood Music Program is just the start of your child's journey with music

Our early childhood music classes are just the beginning of you and your child's musical journey.

Musical ability does fall into the category of use it or lose it so we do need to keep kids passionate about keeping going with their singing or to start learning an instrument for pleasure or for performance it doesn't matter. Research shows us there are so many benefits to learning to play a musical instrument (your voice is an instrument) and the benefit of getting your child to love music from an early age means that they will be super keen to start playing or keep going with their singing practice,

The great thing about our early childhood music classes is that on finishing our preschool music course you will have a very clear idea of where your child's natural passion lies. We have activities that engage your child in the discussion and idea that one day soon they will start playing an instrument. Your child will also be soooo ready to start learning a musical instrumental easily ands will make fast progress.

This is because your child will already understand and be familiar with the fundamentals of music. Right from the start you will marvel at how musical your child seems.

What They Already Know

our preschool music classes lead to kids who want to play music

Beat - we do so much work on this and it's essential to playing music.

Rhythm - we focus on rhythm too and the children will be familiar with and be able to clap simple rhythms - essential for learning an instrument

Pitch - because our program is based so much on singing and we provide excellent vocal models for children to copy all children who come regularly to our program have an excellent sense of pitch and sing easily and well in tune. This really helps to learn an instrument. Why?

Children who come to BLMF can sing, re, mi and can play chime bars songs like freres jacques and three blind mice, row row row easily. This skill transfers easily into singing in choirs and performance groups and Le reading instruments.

With stringed and brass instruments that require the player to hear if they are in tune...having a good ear is essential. Even learning piano this helps...children know if they play the wrong note and can self correct.

Notation - children who come to BLMF are very familiar with the note values - sembreve, minimum, crotchet and quaver. They know how many beats each has and can also draw them...great for fine-motor

Musical form and expression - our creative classes give your child this in bucket loads...seriously, if you are not getting this from your child's early music program try a different class.

Music Notation - fine motor skills, maths and fun

Which instrument for me? What type of music?

As we explore instruments and how to play them in our classes - particularly preschool music course the children will begin to have a clear idea of which instrument is for them.

Instruments we play are drums, singing, chime bars (natural link to piano)

Instruments we explore through listening, discussion and role play are strings, guitars, piano and brass instruments. We also explore music from all genres and have a particular passion for classical and opera music so any children combing through BLMF will be familiar with so many popular classical tunes and be willing and keen to try to play them.

Baby Love Music Fun finishes at 5 years - Where Do I Go to Continue My Child's Musicality?

Beginner Piano and Singing with Mel from Baby Love Music Fun

Beginner Piano with Mel in Richmond

Mel Maslin (BLMF Founder) teaches 20/30 minute beginner piano and singing lessons from her home in Richmond.

Currently she has places for around 10 students/week and one of the advantages of coming to Baby Love Music Fun is getting to learn piano and singing from Mel. Your child already knows Mel and Mel already knows how much of the fundamentals of music/music and songs your child knows. We waste no time in getting the music happening.

Contact Mel directly about this if it's something you are considering in 2018 or even in the future.

We've recently checked out the Richmond Music Academy and met with Michael to see what they offer for kids.

They teach on Burnley Street in Richmond and are really passionate about people enjoying playing music. Here you can do Piano, Guitar, Drums, Brass

My daughter Roxy absolutely loved her piano lesson with one of the teachers there - it was focussing on improvisation and playing chords and I love that they have a monthly open mic night. This would be a great place for parents who are keen to start learning an instrument to continue learning music and do something with your child.

They have teachers who can teach piano, guitar, drums and singing and the teachers are long-term - meaning consistency for your child, Important when they are so young,

Extraordinary Kids - Performance School in Balwyn

This program is fabulous for children who are passionate about the performing arts. They will get to explore dance, drama and singing at this relaxed and fun performing arts school run by professional performing artists.

Plus if your child really has what it takes with singing they can join 'Perfect Pitch" an acapella singing class - to really hone those vocal skills.

Plus there's a no fuss wonderful theme based concert at the end of every term where the kids just get so much out of the opportunity to get up on that stage in front of family and friends. Love these guys and everything they stand for.

Cathy Armstrong - String Teacher

If strings are for your child I recommend Cathy. She teaches at Richmond Primary and several other local schools and helps the children so much with their playing. She is very generous with hiring smaller violins to get started and all the additional bits and pieces that they need! Very experienced and provides access to exams and concerts if you want it.

Cathy Armstrong My Mobile: 0416 186 386 Suzuki (& AMEB ) VIOLIN teacher MLC Music Academy Office: 9274 8136.

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