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A Great Music Class for Children and Siblings in Melbourne

best music class for siblings in melbourne

Richmond is such a central location in Melbourne which is why Baby Love Music Fun is such a great option if you're looking for a music class for children that's easy to get to. There's heaps of parking and all locations are accessible by public transport. Making your visit to music class easy and hassle free.

Mixed Toddler = Family Music

The Mixed Toddler classes are particularly good for parents with siblings. This course is suited to toddlers aged 1 - 4 years and the adults who love them. This really is a class the whole family can enjoy!

Younger children LOVE to copy and hang out with older children and they strive to drum and dance as good as the older children. Older children LOVE being the leaders of the class and being confident at the activities. They help pack away and nurture the younger ones. Parents LOVE to watch their children interacting in a loving way with each other. These are all things that happen regularly in this class.

Drop In Classes for Those Who Can't Come Weekly

Baby Love Music Fun music classes are very lively with heaps of variety of music and activity. If you're looking for a music class to bring your child to intermittently this is a great one to try. You will always be welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Use the drop in classes booking feature on our website.

Family Music is enjoyable in our Mixed Toddler Music Classes

Those who come weekly will benefit from the routine of this great interactive music class and feeling relaxed enough to really get into the groove. Whatever you want your child to experience and achieve we offer it. The program helps little ones achieve developmental milestones along the way using music as the communicator.


Affordable activities are hard to find especially when you have more than one child. This activity makes it easy to consider. When purchasing one full price pass, passes for additional children are only charged at 50%.

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