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10 Reasons why Baby Love Music Fun (BLMF) is better than "singalong" sessions like Mainly

A singalong is fun and a nice way to spend the morning but if you really want to get the most out music classes for Under 5's research has found it needs to be interactive like BLMF.Term members can attend BLMF for just $20/week. It's great value for money and if you haven't tried a class yet here's 10 reasons why BLMF is one of the best music class programs in the world. Yes WORLD! We are in Melbourne, China, Singapore and Malaysia. Not bad for a program created by a Melbourne mum.

1. The BLMF head music teacher is a professional singer and our other teachers are graduates of music/opera/performance institutes. So the quality of singing is exceptional and provides a high quality musical experience for your child every music class. You can buy our album on Itunes and you can also come to or be part of our live concert experiences throughout the year.

2. The BLMF program creator is also the Head teacher. A program is often only as good as the teacher running it. Key program messages and ideas are definitely not diluted at BLMF. The program is also well established and boasts 3 international licences. You must be doing something right when a Chinese company buys a licence of your program to run.

3. "It's Opera Time" Every class contains at least 1 opera, music theatre or classical tune. We cover lots of different genres of music in our classes but the music that really gets the attention of the little ones is when we sing opera style. It really commands their attention! We use music by Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Rossini

4. "It's Puppet Show Time" - every class contains a puppet show or a musical story book with our gorgeous 'life-like' puppets that really promote social development and a 'concentrating' listening opportunity for the children.

5. SO MANY CREATIVE IDEAS! Every week you will see new props and creative ideas to play with. Our list of creative props include things like ping-pong balls, egg cartons, felts, ribbons, scarves, sticks, stones, boxes, feathers, teddies, baskets, step-stools, hula hoops, parachutes, balloons, rubber gloves, socks, hats....too many to list you get the idea!!

6. It's highly interactive. We guarantee you and your child will interact together, and with the teacher and other children in their class. Before each activity your teacher will give you key information about what actions to try for maximum interactive fun or about how to use the prop or instrument to work on a development challenge. We also make sure every parent gets the prop or instrument as kids love to copy big kids and parents and this means we all interact to the music together.

7. It's Kinaesthetic learning. BLMF focuses on teaching the children to learn musical beat by leading group bouncing to music. When children acquire language or new skills through their body they learn it so quickly. 80% of our activities involve combining music and singing with movement. Even our parachute songs are structured to deliver music and language acquisition through movement.

8. Music play and singing songs at home is better than reading for language development. BLMF teaches parents how to play with music and how to make music part of your everyday home life. Term and casual pass holders can access our Member area which contains music playlists and videos to enjoy our music at home.

9. BLMF follows structured musical development that starts with children having a clear feeling of musical beat and concludes with children being able to sing songs in tune and play simple chime bar songs. Starting your child's musical journey in the 0-3 years ensures a life-long love of music.

10. BLMF is a fusion of quality music, early childhood development science and emotional connections. Every class offers development challenges, new music and moments of joy between your and child that you will remember forever.

Book an intro class anytime. We'd love to meet you and your child and help you discover how great music classes can be for under 5's.

Puppet Show Time at Music Class

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