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Term 2 Update

Hi BLMF Fans,

Q: What was the most played BLMF song last week in our Member Area?

(read on the answer is below)

Class Update

Term 2 classes are going so well with so much progress going on in all classes.

The Hansel and Gretl opera duet has been wonderful for teaching left and right and changing legs. You can watch a video of Mel singing this in concert in our videos section.

In toddler classes we've had the microphone out this term and it's awesome to hear those teeny little voices singing "A, E, I, O, U or "please" or "shhh" or just pressing the mic to our lips!

Preschoolers are also getting really great with their vocals - just ask them to sing "Elephants" or "Lollipop" and this term we are really having fun getting more and more into our musical role plays.

Claim a coffee voucher for a review or referral?

Thank you so much to members who are spreading the word about our program. Word of mouth is so important. If you write us a testimonial or you bring a friend along and they sign up we give you a Chimmy's coffee voucher as a thank you as well.

Upcoming Events

BLMF has been booked for 2 upcoming events. Next Wednesday 30 May from 10-1 Emily will be presenting music play sessions for Mini Makers at Highpoint Shopping Centre.

So be sure to let any friends know who live near Highpoint to drop in for fun music play with Emily

On Wednesday June 20 we will be running a music play session at the Richmond Toy Library Messy Play Day. It's sure to be heaps of fun as always so support us and the Toy Library by coming along to play.

We love to do big events and can really rock a big crowd of kids. If you know of an event that needs children's entertainment be sure to suggest BLMF to the event organiser.

Reminder - No Classes on Queen's Birthday

Monday June 11 is Queen's Birthday public holiday - no scheduled classes

Want to Come to more Classes?

Term members can attend extra classes for just $10/class

Casual members can attend extra classes for just $13/class (must have already been to a class that week)

Everything in life is always better with practice and a few visits to our online member area during the week listening to songs we are doing in class will really give your child extra confidence and enjoyment at class, not to mention how great it is for you to see their progress.

We've added lots more songs to the 1-2 years class playlist. So come and check it out.

Q: What was the most played BLMF song last week in our Member Area?

(read on the answer is below)

Answer: "Drumming All Together" with 25 plays

So great to see so many people enjoying this music at home.

It must be fun to show other family members how great they are at drumming!

Is there a song we do at class that you would really like to hear in the Member Area? Let me know and we add it.

See you in Class

Drumming All Together
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