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Book an Introductory Music Class for Baby or Toddler - you will both love it!

Now is a great time to book an introductory music class for your baby, toddler or preschooler. We're always excited to welcome new members into our music groups at any time but joining in our program at the start of the year is particularly good time to as everyone is moving into new classes and often everyone is trying new music and activities together for the first time and on an equal footing musically and socially.

We have classes suitable every day of the week that are suitable for babies, toddlers and preschoolers and also mixed age classes ideal for families with siblings so have a look and then submit a booking form for the class you would like to try.

You Owe It To Your Child to Try This Music Program - it's all about Quality and Experience

  • Program Est 2006 - over 12 years of expertise and program development

  • High quality teaching - Our teachers are professional singers who have a sound understanding of developmental milestones to effectively assess children’s play and learning

  • Australian developed, owned program. This is an Australian developed music program for children featuring the music of Australian children's musicians and themes

  • Sophisticated High Quality Music - Only early childhood music program in the world that presents music from Western Operatic classics alongside many other music genres.

  • We present our own highly original musical versions of books - not available any where else

  • Extra Value. Term and casual pass holders can access music via our web portal to stream online at any time and receive 20% discount

  • Affordable for Families - 20% discount for multiple passes

  • Flexible - you can attend our classes weekly, casually or even drop in

Don't delay book in now, we're waiting to take your booking and look forward to meeting you in February when weekly classes resume for 2019.

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