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Christmas with Baby Love Music Fun 2019

Wrap Up:

We've made it to Christmas time again and this year we decided to do 1 BIG concert at the Richmond Theatrette on Monday 16 Dec for as many fans as we could squeeze in. It was SOLD OUT (Sorry if you missed out) - with just over 100 people booking tickets for the concert. Looks like next year we'll have to add another session.

A big thank you to my talented staff, Aurora Lee, Nancy Rong and pianist Louis Nichol who all performed, sang and played so well on Monday bringing our list of fun Christmas songs to life and making it fun for the little fans.

Each year we bring something new to this concert to keep it fresh (due to the audience interaction) it's always different anyway. Our new 'On stage experience tickets' were a hit and we'll be bringing more concerts and interactive experiences like this in 2020. There's a whole lot of research behind why performance experiences are so good for brain development...and I'll be bringing you more about that in 2020.

Green screen magic also happened in the theatre on Monday with our free Green Screen experience proving lots of fun before and after the show and the photos look absolutely gorgeous. Here's some of the best...if you had pics taken we'll be emailing them shortly.

Please do send in any lovely pics especially if they show the children interacting and having fun at the concert. We got sent these lovely ones from one of our fans - thanks for sharing Jane they are great shots of the snow!


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