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COVID 19 Update Sunday 22 March

Hi everyone,

BLMF Studio Classes are now closed until further notice. BUT please don't stop the Music!!

Come and discover BLMF TV

Our Classes are still running online and we now have our own TV channel. No Ads.

For more information on how we're still running read on.

Looks like this was the right move to stop face to face classes.

Premier Dan Andrews has just announced that schools are finishing Tuesday.

We have worked all weekend to ensure the live stream format will work for our members.

Please go to BLMF TV - our new subscribe channel for full online music classes for you to do at home with your child.

Yesterday we announced to our members that we will be running our last week of classes to members online in a live stream format.

Members you need to be signed up and approved to watch the live streams anytime until 6pm that day.

Term and Casual Full Members need to sign in and watch live streams from the Live Stream page ,

So please don't leave it to the last minute to check your access term and casual class members! We'll be streaming classes and unable to help you tomorrow!

Drop in members might like to consider a BLMF Tv subscription to watch unlimited

Old Members - have you been trying to sign up - we have also reactivated sign up to all old members to access the BLMF TV channel

New to BLMF? Interested in Online Music Classes

Our Member Portal has 2 levels of access:

BLMF TV Member (Open to Everyone to Join)

Sign up to BLMF Online Member Portal and wait for approval

Once access approved

SUBSCRIBE $60/month or RENT individual videos for $15 for 72 hours.

BLMF Class Member

Term and Casual Members of BLMF Studio Classes have FULL Member Area Access To:


Can also access: Member Area Content including music playlists, musical book videos and concert videos

We recommend class Members also subscribe to BLMF TV for $60/month or RENT individual videos for $15 for 72 hours. As BLMF TV Content is not available free after the live stream access closes.


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