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Instrument Bundles Perfect for AT HOME PLAY


Our quality instruments are a great addition to any at-home play session. Whether it be a HOLIDAY LIVE STREAM, an On Demand BLMF NOW class, a home visit or your family musical playtime! Kids love playing with these fantastic instruments and now we have three great value bundles for all age groups: baby, toddler and preschool - saving you money.

ALL BUNDLES INCLUDE: a BLMF Digital Album: "Music for My First Milestones." Melanie wonderfully performs these 12 songs BLMF songs. Listen, download and play on repeat. This album is yours forever.

In this bundle we have instruments carefully selected for babies between 3 and 12 months. Our Halilit Baby Bells are perfect for teething and fine motor skill development, babies absolutely love these special bells. Sensory and musical play is so important and a great way to encourage musicality in babies is with a sensory scarf! But that's not all... a fun bouncy ball and two egg shakers are in this great value pack as well.


Drumming is such a great activity and kids absolutely LOVE it! Making lots of noise, hitting the drum as hard as they can! Such fun. Drumming also helps children to learn how to keep the beat, which the first musical element they can understand and replicate. Research tells us that this also has benefits linked to improved reading skills. Children that are able to drum in time become better readers!

For these reasons we believe a drum is a necessity for our Toddler Pack. Two extra drum sticks are included as well, plus two tambourines, two wrist bells and two banana shakers. This is all you need to have a FUN music play session!


We use Chime Bars in every Preschool class. Chime bars are a fantastic precursor to playing the piano and a great way to improve aural and singing skills. In this pack, enjoy a set of Chime Bars, a drum with two drum sticks and a fun bouncy ball!

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you in class soon! Best wishes from the Baby Love Music Fun team.


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