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Join a Regular Music Class Group in the Park

Welcome back to BLMF for 2021!

It's been fantastic making music with old and new BLMF families already. We've had another bump in the road with Melbourne back in lockdown this week but we'll be back with face to face classes once the restrictions have eased once again.

Stay safe and strong, Melbournians. <3 It's a tough few days but we can get through it again, as we have done before.

REGULAR WEEKLY CLASSES: Weekly classes available for booking each week in Richmond and surrounding suburbs PLUS ZOOM. (Face to face, post lockdown)

Take a look and book a class today by clicking the links!

Monday 9:15am - "Mixed Age Class" 2-4 years


High energy music learning for 2-4 years olds. Class held in Barkly Gardens, Richmond.

Monday 10:30am - "1-2 years"


1-2 year old comprehension and music responsiveness!

Class held at Fawkner Park, South Yarra.

Tuesday 10am - "2-4 years"


High energy music learning for toddlers and preschoolers.

Class held at Victoria Park, Abbotsford.

Wednesday 9:30am - "Toddler Music"

1-3 years


Perfect music and milestone class for all toddlers aged 1-3 years.

Class held at Barkly Gardens, Richmond.

Thursday 9:30am - "Zoom Class"

2-4 years


Enjoy 30 minutes of high level musical activities over Zoom.

Perfect for toddlers aged 2-4 years.

*Get this class FREE with your monthly BLMF On Demand subscription.

OR $20 for non subscribers: Click here to book!

*BLMF On Demand Subscribers – EMAIL US at to receive your Zoom link for the session.

Thursday 2pm - "Preschool Drop Off"

4-5 years


High level music learning for 4-5 years.

Class held in Richmond.

Friday 9:30am - "3-4 years class"


Learn how to teach your 3-4 year old music and literacy games.

Class held in Richmond.

Saturday 11am - "Preschool Drop Off"

4-5 years


High level music learning for preschoolers.

Class held at Citizen's Park, Richmond.

Saturday 12:30pm - "Saturday Bubs"

6 months +


Music and sensory play for babies from 6 months old.

Class held at Citizen's Park, Richmond.

Payment options for all sessions: pay on the day with card or cash.

Contact us when booking to confirm exact class locations.

Most classes are run in Barkly Gardens or Citizen's Park in Richmond, except Monday 10:30am in Fawkner Park, South Yarra and Tuesday 10am in Victoria Park, Abbotsford.

See you in class soon!


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