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"CHIME BAR ACTION SONG" Kids really love this game once they've learned how to play. Mel will take you through all the intervals we learn in our Preschool Course.

Learn to hear and sing pitch intervals accurately.

With repetition and adding a new actions each time you play and using movable chime bars allows you to work with just the chimes you want them to play making it easier for them to play the intervals too. Start by working on playing an interval and doing the action and then add hearing them

their pitch internals and can learn to recognise them and do the assigned action just by hearing the

interval. So great for strengthening auditory processing and working memory brain wiring.

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This is a great place to post stories, ask questions and also enjoy FREE, LIVE STREAMED music sessions for you and your children to enjoy. Exclusive content will be shared to this page so you don't want to miss out! Invite your friends and help us grow this community. Join here at .

Mel and Aurora perform fantastic 10 minute sessions in our Facebook group.


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