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Neuro-musical science explained (or how music learning makes my child smarter)

Topic: We’re focussing on how music learning helps communication and we have lots to share.

I’ve already written a FORUM post to get you excited about this topic and hopefully you can think it over and get some questions ready for me to answer next week in our Zoom Q&A.

The end result should be parents who are feeling more confident about just how music changes and grows your child’s brain’s language network and I’ll be giving you the specific activities you should be doing daily to ensure maximum effect and success…eg we’re in the business of creating your child’s bigger better brain.

Don’t be scared…I’m making it really easy for you to follow along and get an understanding of just how much we know about the benefits of music learning and once you understand it, it makes it easier to understand how to use it effectively.

Research says 0-3 years is the most intense wiring of the brain period for humans. This is also the time when we learn our first language..or more if bi/tri-lingual. So 0-3 years is really is an important time to focus on language because how the brain is wired in this time of your life affects the way you will use language, learn and communicate for the rest of your life.

This is why children learning music in years 0-5 years will have better language skills than children who do not - because when we learn music and language we are using overlapping brain networks. Learning both at the same time is a double workout for the growing brain networks. This has been shown be the case in neurological studies conducted on children’s brains. Do not miss this important chance you have to really make a difference in your child’s learning capacity.

How the brain is wired in this time of your life affects they way you learn and communicate for the rest of your life.

So this means that learning music whilst you are learning language (eg while you are 0-5 years) is the best activity you can do with your child to help them have their best life.

Think about it - is communication and understanding language really is the most important skill you want to teach your child? Yes - because how good they are at this skill will affect every other skill they attempt in life.

If you are a motivated parent who wants to give your child the very best start in life you need to read our post and come to our Q&A - Book your FREE ticket here.

This will change your child’s life. Join in the discussion


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