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Term 4 is going to be great! Join us for the fun.

FAQ's on what's happening in Term 4

  • Term 4 is all about Neuromusical Music Magic. We're finding that when we help you (the carer) understand the science and how to use it the right kind of engagement in our classes to really unlock the benefits of music for you and you child.

  • Each week in every class we will be highlighting a single neuromusical finding, how and why it has been embedded in our music program and how to unlock it for you and your child in our classes.

  • Save the date - Our interactive Christmas Concerts are planned for Monday 16 December at Richmond Theatrette.

  • Yes - Music playgroups are continuing in Term 4: At the moment we're running Wednesdays from 11:15am just for bubs and early walkers and Fridays is for everyone

  • Yes we welcome you to gather after class for snacks in the courtyard

  • Check the member area - we are adding new music for Term 4

  • Yes, term and casual pass members can come to extra classes in the week for that's extra classes for just $12 or $14


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