9:30 1-4 YEARS


"This class is hands down the best investment you can make for a special, fun time together with your child and a great learning experience hidden in all the musical activity! I would never ever have been able to offer him such an experience at home as Mel can offer him in her magical weekly classes.

My son has been going to Mel's BLMF class before he learnt to walk, it is still his absolute favourite thing to do each week at 3 years of age.

The Baby Love Music Fun classes are unique as they are focused on using the fun and engagement of music and dance to help your children through new development stages. Mel explains to the parents, tips and tricks too.

Mel has the most amazing voice and all of the children are drawn to her, she keeps them focused for the whole 45 session with fun activities like; a huge range of musical instruments, some stories (sang to familiar tunes), building blocks, marching to music, animal actions, finding hidden shapes as we sing about them, parachute play in time with a tune, water play, scarf activities, hoops, balls, balloons, drums, teddies and our favourite at the moment puppet shows! Every week there are new age appropriate activities and you can see the kids eager to remember things they have learnt and keep trying them, having a laugh with Mel and their friends as they go.

We have the CD and we sing the lovely songs at home all the time, they are not your usual twinkle twinkle repertoire, Mel has used music to teach the kids so much.

Lately we have been singing an eye spy song, my son can now play eye spy with me, which seems beyond his years, but this love for music made it happen naturally for him."

- shar2 

09 Dec 2013

"My daughter attends the baby love music fun program in Albert Park delivered by Mel. She loves it so much and has grown from shy and cautious to a budding little musician/dancer all in one class term. The class delivered is very entertaining and so were the music and selection of songs. Mel is a professional singer so the quality is there. We have attended 2 concerts as well and had fantastic time. I highly recommend this program if you are looking for activities for your little ones."


- plumblossoms 

14 Oct 2015

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