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Penang, Malaysia since 2009

Since, 2010 Baby Love Music Fun has been licenced by Jammin' Senzation in Malaysia.

Jammin' Senzation is a Conservatory of Performing Arts and Music School in Penang, Malaysia founded by Ms Jasmin Khor, who is also Principal and Managing Director.

Ms Jasmin completed training and accreditation for courses in Tummy Timers, Sittin Pretties in 2011 and Commando Crawlers in 2010 and these courses can all be experienced by babies in Penang under the guidance of Jasmin and her staff at Jammin' Senzation.

Since 2013, Jammin' Senzation has been fully licenced to run the Walkers program for 1-2 year olds as well.

Relationship has been strengthened over the 5 years with Melanie Maslin appearing in several large -scale concerts for the Jammin' Senzation Music School.

Interested Asian licensees can Contact Us direct and can arrange to visit Jasmin at Jammin' Senzation to observe classes and obtain initial licence details. Training of courses for Asian licensees can also be conducted by Jasmin at Jammin' Senzation.

Singapore since 2012

Our baby music program and music classes and concerts are now being run in Singapore.


Klassique Musik in Singapore has been accredited to run the Tummy Timers, Sittin' Pretties and Commando Crawlers programs since mid 2013.


Klassique Musik Director, Ms Corinna Chang is now running classes and concerts in Singapore.


Give your child the invaluable gift of music and feel your relationship blossom through the Baby Love Music Fun programme, available exclusively in Singapore only through Klassique Musik!

In 2016, Baby Love Music Fun signed a significant International Licence Agreement signed with GymAngel, Early Childhood Development Centre, China. 

The agreement will see the full Baby Love Music Fun program of 7 courses delivered in over 100 centres across China exclusively with GymAngel.

Baby Love Music Fun will also collaborate with GymAngel in delivering several large-scale interactive concerts in China over the next 5 years.

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