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Are you interested in trying BLMF On Demand Ad Free Portal for Music Classes?


That's right it's FREE to try for 7 days.


Simple go to our portal website: BLMF On Demand and start your trial


Benefits of music

With Baby Love Music Fun® your child can learn music, be entertained and have fun all day, every day in your safe, supervised home environment.


Milestone development

Wherever you are, our music class for kids gives you the skills to encourage your child’s gross motor, fine-motor, speech, language and hearing milestone development.


Grow your connection

Sing and move with your child like nobody’s watching. In the privacy of your own home you’ll learn creative, fun activities that bring out the best in your child – and you!


Research driven

We know what we’re doing, because we’re up to date with the latest neuromusical research and we update our online programs accordingly – while keeping the fun factor.

7 Day Free Trial BLMF On Demand

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