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Entertaining Children's Music Album is Music to Everyone's Ears

Endured enough annoying kids' songs to fill two lifetimes? Isn't it time you hit play on some music that both you and the little ones can get into? Award winning Australian soprano, Melanie Maslin sings thoroughly entertaining new lyrics to some great opera and classical music tunes. She beats out catchy classics to the likes of Mozart, Puccini, Verdi and Rodgers and Hammerstein. Every Mumma knows that a soothing song can be sweet music to little ears and Baby Love Music Fun certainly delivers. With songs for eating (Here is the Bowl), learning shapes (Round, square, heart and Star), bonding, reading (Time for Bed) and saying goodbye (So Long, Farewell) this CD will make you feel like dancing, not tearing your hair out!

The album is currently only available for download via Itunes or CD Baby


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