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What is active music learning and how is it different to passive music listening?

You've heard that music is good for your child's brain and you're feeling confident that your child is getting this precious advantage because once a week they have a music session at their ELC.

Before you say no worries my child is already doing music classes - Is it an Active Music Learning program?

Check in with this great infographic explainer on what type of music learning enhances brain development.

This scientifically referenced infographic was produced by Bigger Better Brains.

Baby Love Music Fun is an Active Music Learning program that promotes starting early.

Our structured courses begin from 3 months and we combine tuition in singing, movement, drama and instrument play to make every activity multimodal for layered and diverse learning opportunities.

We specialise in high quality teaching that focussing on developing a LOVE of music and sound musicianship skills over time.


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