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Outdoor Music Classes are more COVID Safe and great for wellbeing

Let me share a little story of how a COVID case in one my outdoor classes resulted in NO-ONE ELSE contracting COVID.

Late last year we had a little Covid scare but the end result is a positive story that highlights why we will be continuing to offer music classes outdoors in 2022.

At the Friday morning 3-4 years class in Barkly Gardens we had 6 children and 6 parents in the weekly 30 minute class. Everyone was well and enjoyed the session.

The next day, on the Saturday afternoon I received a text from one of the mum's to say her little one had developed symptoms, got tested and was positive for COVID.

We were NOT considered close contacts!

The mum was instructed to contact anyone the child had contact with in the previous 48 hours - but none of us were considered a close contact.

Further to that, everyone in the group, including myself, conducted RAT tests and we were ALL COVID negative.

What have we learned!

In our outdoor sessions we socially distance.

Being outdoors is the safest place for singing without a mask. Singing and making music outdoors is actually alot of fun as well.

We clean all our instruments and props before our sessions and each child/parents receives their own instruments to use within the session which are not shared by others during the session.

All clients need to check in at sessions via our QR and need to be double vacc'ed.

We offer our sessions on a pay at the session basis to eliminate the need for anyone coming to a class with symptoms.

With our no upfront term payments model, you can come to class when you are well and not have to worry about missing classes you have paid for.

Wellbeing wins

With COVID worries out of the way the only thing you'll have to worry about is the weather.

We live in Melbourne and getting outdoors sometimes with kids feels hard work - especially with a four seasons changeable weather.

However in ECEC circles where Bush Kinder is all the rage it's common to hear the saying:

"there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothes"

and Scandanavian mums are writing books about it. In her book, There's No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Swedish-born Linda McGurk says,

"In Sweden children play outside all year round, regardless of the weather, and letting young babies nap outside in freezing temperatures is not only common--it is a practice recommended by physicians." Her fascinating personal narrative highlights the importance of spending time outdoors, and illustrates how the Scandinavian culture could hold the key to raising healthier, resilient, and confident children in America. (and Australia...because we are a mini USA)


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