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See The Benefits Of Babies Music Classes In Melbourne

There are tremendous benefits associated with babies music classes in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun, a world recognised music school for young children. The school’s program has garnered international acclaim for its interactive and development-based classes and concerts. The program is so well received that Asian music schools have sought out the school to purchase it. In 2016 the program was licenced by Early Childhood Developmental Company, Gym Angel who have begun using the program in their centres across China.

A Baby Love Music Fun licence is available for sale to those interested in starting their own business and experiencing the rewards of teaching babies and toddlers.

The school, which opened in 2007, now has two locations in Richmond and another in Mt Eliza starting 2017. The popularity of the program has led to two licence programs, one operating in Malaysia and the other in Singapore. All of the babies music classes in Melbourne, and other locations, are taught by professional singers. The activities used in classes are based upon the science of children’s developmental milestones. Research through the years has shown that during the first three years of life the brain is not fully developed. Its development will depend upon the stimuli it receives during those formative years. Research also shows those children exposed to music during those early years develop stronger neural connections and develop skills such speech, language, and motor skills more quickly.

Interested parties can sign up for a free trial class with no strings attached. Attend one class completely free of charge. Once you see the benefits of introducing music to your child, it will be difficult to resist coming back for more. There are several offers available including a starter package that includes a CD and three classes for just $55.

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