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Make this Christmas Magically Musical

Tickets for our wonderful interactive Christmas music concerts have just gone on sale.

I love getting to do this show every year and Emily is REALLY excited too. We're adding children on stage this year, a new song, new venue - plus you can dress up Christmassy and win giveaways.

Get to know us - come and see a show

We welcome all members of the general public and our current members to come and celebrate Christmas through music making and beautiful singing. We encourage Grandparents and big kids to also come along and enjoy witnessing the little ones experience this Christmas music in such a fun interactive way.

This year we will be presenting in Gallery 314, next door to where we teach in Richmond, which has a stage and audience seating. It's where we held our gorgeous Easter concerts earlier this year and worked so well to have stage.

There are four concerts in total:

Friday 15 December at 10am and 11:30am

Saturday 16 December at 10am and 11:30am

The ticket price of $20 per child under 8 provides the child with a prop bucket to use in the concert.

Adult ticket and older children ticket is $10 but does not include a prop bucket.

We also have a special discount ticket of 1 Adult/Child for $25.

BLMF Class Members (Term or Casual Pass holders) receive a 20% discount on tickets and must enter a code on purchase of tickets through trybooking. Contact us for the code via email for the code.

Dress Up for Christmas Prizes

We'll be giving away signed copies of our Christmas Book, 12 Aussie Animals of Christmas to the best dressed families, and copies of our fabulous Christmas CD at each concert.

Be On Stage with Your Little One - A Lifelong Memory

While concerts for us this year have primarily been in China we are so pleased to be able to sing for you and your little ones this Christmas. It's been a tremendous opportunity to present the BLMF music and sing in large scale concerts in China this year starting with our Christmas concerts there last December. The collaboration also allowed me to observe the benefits of children and parents also participating on stage with us, something I have not done in Australia to date.

Overwhelmingly the parents and children in China enjoyed the experience of being on stage with their parent and performed well in the concerts - no tears, no monkey was amazing.

So this Christmas we look forward to providing this experience to our members. All members who book tickets will be invited to attend a rehearsal and have a performance opportunity with their child during 1 song at their concert. Members will be contacted about this opportunity and requirements via email when booking before November 30.

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