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BLMF Music Videos are “such a great engaging activity” for Home Isolation with Kids Under 5

Parents in home isolation with children under 5 can rejoice!

We've got your back.

Here is a SAFE, ad free musical Edutainment at an amazing price point!

"It looks amazing and works on Apple TV mirroring with no delay great resolution and Abbie was very engaged! Drumming with you etc. Price point is better also THANK YOU" -  Jacqui"

You can feel comfortable that you are providing high quality, safe screen time for your child and at the same time increasing their musical ability.

BLMF Videos On Demand is source of high quality music videos for the whole family to enjoy and you can now try it FREE for 7 days.

What's inside?

As soon as you sign up you'll be accessing 60+ music videos for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

We've got FULL 40 minute classes, full interactive concerts, musical books and 10 minute skill booster sessions.

We're committed to bringing you more each week so you and the little ones will never be bored.

No-one has ever described this music program as boring

Every week there is new fresh exciting these beauties that have just loaded this week.

BLMF Video Show hosts are professional singers and performers, Melanie Maslin and Aurora Lee who really keep the children engaged and sing so beautifully.

"I just did the shapes class with Lachie (11months) and he loved it. He was waving at you, clapping, shaking eggs and playing peekaboo with a scarf with delight. Such a great engaging activity for your baby during lockdown"  - Jacqui



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