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We're preparing and uploading new videos EVERY WEEK for you to enjoy! These new music sessions are sure to engage and entertain your little ones. "WALKERS GARDEN ANIMALS" Introduce your 1 year old to mini beasts with our fun garden animals music. Enjoy learning our garden animals songs together with clever milestone boosters for 1 year olds. Drum, march, learn and tickle with your child! "THREE LITTLE BIRDS"

This iconic Bob Marley song, 'Three Little Birds' is perfect for teaching your little one such an important life message. Don't worry about a thing, everything is gonna be alright. We're developing their emotional intelligence in this activity. Emotional Intelligence has five key elements: Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

"PUPPET SHOW TIME: GUM TREE FAMILY (Originally by Justine Clarke)" One of our most popular puppet shows from our Walk and Talkers program for 2-3 year olds.

Shortly after Mel started BLMF in 2006, Justine Clarke released her first album for children, I Like to Sing. This song, the Gumtree Family was a family favourite in Mel's house. "WAY UP HIGH IN A TALL GREEN TREE" Another great musical book idea from BLMF. Jan Peck's Way Up High in a Tall Green Tree is a whole lot more engaging to you ones when you sing along and point out the animals. We're using the traditional song, 'Shortnin' Bread' to make it and easy singalong tune for everyone to join in and sing. "BOUNCE WITH MEL" 10 minutes of bouncing fun! Harness the power of neuromusical science and be rewarded with a helpful toddler.

Bouncing in sync to the beat with someone, makes us want to be more helpful to the people we bounce with. ALSO NEW TO "SCREEN-FREE CRAWLERS COURSE MUSIC"

Select a song from the list and sing and play with your babies and toddlers (pictured is just a few titles from the playlist). This playlist is for following/singing along, by listening to the words or the instructions in the song. OR to reinforce the learning from our video class content by repeating the songs you've seen in videos.

Rave reviews for are still coming in!

"Maggie absolutely loved it. We found the new site so easy to navigate and encountered no delay through Apple TV mirroring. ... Thanks for providing us with such a fun and engaging activity while in lockdown!" - Amy B.


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