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2019 Term 1 Update

Read on for more information about upcoming concerts and benefits of being a member of our great program.

Did you know our music program offers seven courses? Baby to Preschooler

You can learn music with us from 0-5 years.

Monthly Newsletter

First, we have our new monthly newsletter, which will deliver all our important dates, events and special members deals. So make sure you sign up and keep an eye out!

To subscribe, head to our home page, scroll down to 'Latest News and Updates' and enter your email.


Members Area

Those who come to classes would have heard about our members area. We offer a unique opportunity for you to sing and play along with us at home. This is something special that we offer for our casual and term members only. If drop in members would like to be able to access the members area, we highly recommend purchasing a casual pass for the added bonus's. Let me tell you a little about what you might find in the members area.

* Spotify playlists - this is sorted into class playlists so you can go directly to all the music from your class

* Video's made by Mel for you to watch as well as sing along and dance with. Our latest one is a special Valentine's Day video!

* Music Books - Not just the books BUT the music too! Sing along to your favourite stories and yes, Stickman is there!

* Lyrics and other music - we also feature our own lyrics to our music as well as an area you can check out the music we use in class by other musicians.

* Last but not least, we have a members forum, this is where we can all discuss new ideas, what you love about class and even important information and research we find to help get the most out of our music classes! This year Mel has subscribed to Bigger Better Brains and will be sharing this easy to understand information on all the reasons why music learning is so beneficial to building better brains. Join in the discussion.

Check out our cheeky pic from our private members area and remember to sign up if you are a member on our website by clicking on, MEMBERS, and adding your email and a password.


Easter Parade

Our 'fantastic not to be missed' Easter Concerts are on their way and we would love to see all your faces there! So save the date, Monday 8th April! Come along and sing and play at our Easter Parade and even bring an Easter bonnet if you're feeling creative! There may even be a surprise for the best dressed or the best bonnet. So book the date in and get crafting!

More details including venue TBC...

Check out some of our other concert photos here:

Want some bonnet inspiration?

Check out this old but cute picture of our teacher Emily in an Easter Bonnet she made back in 1999!


Birthday Parties

Got a Birthday coming up? Book us for some music play with your child and all their friends! We offer 50 minutes of music which can be tailored to all your favourites or even a theme. Head over here: for more information or send us a message to get the ball rolling!

Music at your Creche?

Don't have music at your Creche? We love to be able to offer music for all children and would love to come and offer music at your creche. Email us today for information or enquiries!

Member Offers Term 1

Members have some great opportunities to enjoy extra music classes each week. If you are a Term or Casual Pass member you are able to attend a second class for a special price. Term members can enjoy this for only $10 per extra class and Casual members $13 per extra class. Note that this is only available after you have already attended 1 class during that week.

Term 2!!!

Get in early and purchase your passes for Term 2 now! We only have 4 weeks of Term 1 left and we would love to see all of you back to play with us after the Easter Holidays. Make sure you stay up to date with our Newsletters and emails so you know what is happening when. Term 2 starts on 29th April so lock the date in and for those who are members, remember to sign up to the members area so you can play at home while you wait for classes to come back or even to play in the car for those who will be travelling over the holidays!


Stay tuned for more Blogs, fun and of course MUSIC!!

~ Music Emily


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