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There is so much new amazing FREE content on BLMF Now?!

BLMF NOW is source of great videos for the whole family to enjoy and lots of it is FREE! If you don't have an account, it's very quick and easy to sign up here and if you already have an account... LOG ON TODAY and enjoy! We're so happy to announce so many new videos on BLMF Now:

Did you miss our live streamed "Favourite Things" Concert? Or want to relive this fantastic concert experience, we now have the full concert available for viewing on BLMF Now. This concert was such a hit, so many great reviews! Hear what everyone had to say: "Thank you for the awesome session today! My bub loved it! I actually really enjoyed it as well. It was just the great choice of songs, simple easy to follow, flowing and interactive as well."

"Beautiful performance." "Wonderful performance" "It was wonderful. My son loved the songs and dancing along."

"Wonderful show...I like how the girls used props their songs & encouraged the children to play with their own props/toys & sing along. ... I would love to see another performance live in the future." "We thoroughly enjoyed. So much so that if possible we would love to watch it again."


Step inside the magical world of Elise Hurst's book, Imagine a City in this special musical version of the book created by Baby Love Music Fun Click here to watch!


Between June 2016 and October 2018 Mel toured China with the Gym Angel company starring in the Magic Legend Concert. 

The concert features all of the music from the Baby Love Music Fun program like you've never seen it before. Showing that the music of our wonderful program is concert worthy and loved by all cultures of the world. 



Q & A with Melanie Maslin

"How Music Learning in 0-3 Makes Your Child A Better Communicator"

On Tuesday 26th May, Melanie hosted a Q & A discussion on the topic of "How Music Learning in 0-3 Makes Your Child A Better Communicator." You can now watch the full presentation and discussion here on BLMF Now. Mel's presentation is a fantastic insight into the research behind the benefits of music learning for young children and how this enhances their speech, language and reading skills.

Concepts such as how learning music and reading are the exact same neural process, so music learning has double the benefit and is scientifically proven to improve aural perception, language skills and phonological awareness.


Upgrade your experience by subscribing to BLMF Now for only $60 per month.

There are so many reasons to subscribe: - UNLIMITED viewings of ALL full length classes!

- Receive special shout outs in class!

- A FREE 1-1 personal music session with Mel per month

- Two FREE Zoom classes per month

- 20% off instruments coupon per month

Here is a great example of a NEW CLASS that has just been added to the exclusive BLMF Now class range:

Fun Lively Mixed Toddler Class with Aurora: Kids 2-4 years

Meet Rory, a fun loving BLMF teacher with the most amazingly beautiful voice. In this series of mixed toddler classes you can leave your toddler with props to do the class and let us keep your child 'edutained' with our interactive development games and high quality music.

Perfect for when you need 40 minutes to get life things done. 


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