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A babies development: The benefits of Music and Child development

The benefits of music to your new baby's development are enormous. Using music with your baby can be defined in any of the following ways:

first songs and rhymes

  • making music

  • musical games

  • and simply having music all around them.

In the book "Brilliant Brain games for Kids to enjoy" published by Hamlyn there are several research statistics about the benefits of music to your babies development and I thought I would share some of them with you: "Early childhood musical (or rhythm and rhyme) experiences, especially if they involve the parents are one of the most powerful ways to acclerate the 'wiring up' of a child's brain" "Music stimulates all the senses, training your child's brain to organise and conduct numerous activities all at the same time." "After participating in a programme involving music, movement and drama, disadvantaged children's self esteem scores were significantly higher."

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