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Does Your Weekly Baby or Toddler Music Class Give You the Most Benefits

The wiring of your child's brain is most intense during 0 to 3 years. During this time period one of the best things you can do for language and social development milestones is to sing and interact with them every day. Recent research from the University of Queensland has found that the use of singing in everyday routines and creative play is better for brain development in the language centres than reading every day. Our interactive music class aims to give parents the skills to do this with ease and enjoyment as this parent/child interaction is the key to using music to develop your child to their fullest potential in these crucial first 3 years.

Is it interactive?

Do you participate in all the activities with your baby or toddler or do you find yourself chatting with other parents and watching on. A great music class like Baby Love Music Fun will explain several fun ways and options to interact with the song or music and also explain the developmental benefits to be had from this interaction. In the first 12 months of life babies learn everything through their body so if your music class is just listening to music or singing you will not be getting the maximum benefit possible from your session. Baby music classes should be highly interactive.

Is it just a kiddy music singalong or are you and your child being exposed to all kinds of music styles and genres.

You do get what you pay for in this regard. Free library programs and cheap programs like Mainly Music are a fun get together and nice for social interaction but they cannot compete with the high quality music and singing you will get at a music class like ours.

Baby Love Music Fun teachers are all excellent singers. The program was developed by an opera singer and drama educator. The music genres explored in the program will expose you and your child to a wide range of highly sophisticated music choices from classical, opera, pop, folk, early childhood music specialists and current recording children's artists songs from Playschool. You will leave each session feeling as though you have been to a mini concert the singing is SO good. Children are born with adult hearing so why should the music they listen not be of a high standard.

The benefits you will experience from your weekly interactive music class should be present and noticeable every day. You will observe and be astounded at the connections and development of your child when they attend our weekly music sessions.

The investment of just $20 a week should be easily the best value for money that you buy for your child - if it isn't you are in the wrong music class or program.

Please try Baby Love Music Fun for yourself with a free trial class. The benefits and fun await you.


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