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Music 4 Milestones

Music 4 Milestones – Activity Idea for babies 3-6 months Try this Music 4 Milestones activity from the BabyLoveMusicFun 3-6 month program next time you want to share a fun and quality moment with your new baby. You can check out your baby’s eye tracking development, foster language development and bond with your baby all at the same time. Milestone: Eye tracking from Victorian “Best Start Child Heath record 4 Month developmental assessment: o follows dangling ball horizontally side to side & vertically from chest to brow Where Is Thumbkin? Put a colourful sticker on your thumb and have your baby lying on a mat in front of you. Begin singing “Where Is thumbkin” (tune of Frere Jacques) Where is thumbkin Where is thumbkin (wave your thumb and the sticker about 20 cms above your baby’s face) Here I am Here I am (when you have your baby’s attention on the sticker move your thumb slowly from side to side) How are you today thumb Very well I thank you (Move your thumb away and swap the sticker to your pointer finger) Run away Ran away Repeat song for all the fingers: o Pointer o Tall Man o Ring Man o Pinky Remember to have fun. Enjoy the privacy of your own home, lose any self confidence you have and go for it! Your baby thinks you and your voice are fabulous and babies make a VERY willing audience.

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