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Why Our Preschool Music Classes Are So Special

Each week in our preschool music classes we focus on elements of music and milestones development cleverly disguised as fun and play.

The kids don't even realise they are learning - but they are.

Each week we sing play different singing games that teach solfege, re , mi and train those ears and little voices to sing in tune.

One of the fun ways we do this is to play around with synesthesia...matching colour to music notes. Kids will jump on colour mats that match the colour of the of our chime bars and sing the solfege as they go.

Because our teachers are trained operatically we find that little kids voices (particularly boys) match our high singing really easily and it provides such a great vocal model for little kids to copy.

We use a microphone which they think is just brilliant. So that they can hear their little voices easily without pushing. They also gain so much confidence hearing their voices sounding so lovely each week.

We also teach them notation using all different methods - apps, whiteboards, pretty stones and other fun ways of plotting notes and drawing musical notes.

We explore different instruments by listening to them and pretending to play them - air guitar, air piano style etc...they really love this game and we hope it brings them closer to wanting to pick up the real instrument and playing it.

We make music by creating sounds using untuned percussion to go with poems and rhymes and role play.

We also love using music to teach other key skills like literacy and numeracy. Exploring language is a favourite and rhyming games and silly songs to teach so much.

At the end of this course your child will be ready to learn an instrument, join a choir and be ready for school.

Contact us today and organise a free trial this week

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