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Take A Toddler Music Class In Melbourne From Professionally Trained Singers

Research has shown that a child’s brain during the first three years of life is not completely developed. This means that brain development is largely determined by the stimulus it receives during those three years. Infants who are read to, talked to, sung to, and exposed to music form stronger neural connections in the brain. A toddler music class in Melbourne at Baby Love Music Fun can help the development of your child’s brain.

Baby Love Music Fun began its operation in interactive and development-based baby and toddler music classes in 2007. The programs are based on the science of developmental milestones in children using both the Victoria’s Best Start program and the New York Centre for Child Development checklists. Like all classes offered by the school, our toddler music class in Melbourne is taught by a professional singer. The program offered by the school is a five-step progressive program focused on the milestone development areas in babies and toddlers and helps to impact such skills as speech, language, and social and emotional development.

The program at Baby Love Music Fun is so popular that Asian schools have purchased it for use. Teachers can purchase a BLMF program license and open their own school to experience the rewards of teaching babies and toddlers. There are few programs in existence such as the one offered by Baby Love Music Fun, which has become a world leader in developmental music classes for young ones.

For those interested, the school does offer a free trial class with no strings attached. The school is confident that once you try, it will be hard to resist coming back and reaping the benefits of its program.

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