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Hey Baby, It's Time For Music

We absolutely love our baby classes and you will too. We show you how to combine great music with developmental science resulting in a music program that intuitively gets babies loving music and the games you will play with them.

$10 Drop In Baby Music Classes in February

Ten Interesting Facts About Our Baby Music Classes

1. Baby Love Music Fun program began with it's world leading baby courses back in 2006 and was developed in Melbourne by a professional musician.

2. Our 3 baby courses are aligned with Victorian Best Start and other leading milestone frameworks. This means every activity focuses on progressing your baby in specific developmental areas.

3. Since then the program has been continually refreshed in response to leading research in areas of music and early childhood development to ensure that you and your baby will receive the best in innovative music, movement and sensory based play ideas each and every week.

4. Babies are really great at making music - just not as immediately responsive to music as toddlers or preschoolers. That is until they come along to Baby Love Music Fun.

5. Did you know there is compelling research that shows after just 6 weeks of group music lessons baby's are more social and will respond more to music in their body when music is played.

6. We make music with lots of different props. In our program we use sensory and appealing items to stimulate movement and music response. Babies can shake scarves, teddies and tap blocks to music and the fun constantly changing props help keep the attention on the music and play session.

7. At classes in Richmond and Albert Park you get to learn this program with it's founder. Melanie Maslin is the founder and lead teacher of this program and has been teaching the program since 2006.

8. We do also use instruments including drums, shakers and bells.

9. We want to see lots more babies dropping in to our baby sessions. To put the focus back on just how good our baby sessions are we have a great special to encourage new members to come and discover our classes. Just $10 for selected Baby Drop In Classes.

10. You can track your baby's milestone development using our beautiful tracking certificates. Take your certificate home with you after just 6 classes.

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