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Tuesday Music in Richmond is Back

We are now in Term 3 and we've added some new classes to our timetable and changed some class times so make sure you're up to date on all our changes.

new timetable for term 3 2018

As of Term 3 Tuesday classes are back in Richmond and already our 10am Tuesday class is going really well with lots of people jumping on board with the new day.


Can You Help Us Grow Our Baby Music Classes?

Because babies grow up really fast we are always on the hunt for more babies to join our baby classes. Tell your friends with babies not to wait too long to start's why.

Mum playing game with babies legs

The Baby Love Music Fun program was founded 12 years ago with a group of 4 month old babies. We have since added seven courses BUT It all started with babies.

We truly believe that babies are never too young to start music class. Many often accompany siblings to their class and whilst that gives the bubs a sense of musicality and musical exposure babies truly benefit from our exceptional music and milestone program. As a teacher I do notice a difference in the areas of concentration, comprehension, social development and language development between 12 month olds who have had music classes prior to walking and those who have not. Our baby music classes put the building blocks of these areas of the brain in place prior to walking...once walking it can be harder to establish these foundations as the child is no longer stationary...and small attention spans really kick in. However if you spend the time before they are on the move working on attention spans, language and social skills...these foundations really help you manage your newly mobile toddler.

Babies have adult hearing when they are born and they have been listening to us from 16 weeks in utero...amazing! Anecdotally I can say that the lucky babies who are born after 9 months of coming to music class with a sibling are always musical...usually more so than even their siblings. Plus babies who are held and sung to form stronger neural connections in their brain and we teach parents how to do this in our baby music will be just like that mum in the picture! It's easy to be a baby entertainer, we'd be happy to show you how.

If you know someone with a baby who would benefit from our classes please do suggest our program. We do offer an intro class at our term rate.


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