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Are you feeling the Easter spirit yet?

Make an Easter Bonnet with your little one to highlight the happy memories your child will have of participating in music and singing with you while watching the Easter Music for Baby, Toddler and Preschooler online music class on BLMF TV this Easter. Quality time your child will remember forever.

Yes we might be locked in but that doesn't mean our little ones have to miss out on Easter fun. You'll just have to provide it and if you're short on ideas look no further than our delightful musical Family Easter online music class with music and movement activities that can be enjoyed by babies, toddlers and preschoolers and the adults who love them on BLMF TV.

This musical eggstravaganza will get the whole family swaying and singing along to classical, opera, music theatre, jazz and great children's tunes and everyone knows - singing and dancing are two of the best activities you can do for your mental health, brain development and physical fitness. Even in a small room you can find room to move and sing and you'll all feel happier afterwards...research confirms it.

Craft is great fun to do with toddlers and preschoolers and offers great opportunities to practise conversation with your toddler.

We've got a lovely craft project idea to share with you that is absolutely perfect to do with your toddler or preschooler before watching our Easter Family Music special on BLMFTV.

You can chat about colours, textures, and answer questions galore about Easter chickens and the Easter bunny while making an Easter bonnet together. Sing Easter songs inspired by our music class as you. You can learn to sing easy Easter songs on our Easter Online Music Class with your child like Hot Cross Buns and A Tisket A Tasket, ....(oh that's another craft project...make a paper basket) We Wish You A Happy Easter sung to the tune of Vivaldi Four Seasons Spring gets very ear wormy for me the closer we get to Easter Day.

Don't stop at just one you could get really into the spirit by making everyone an Easter bonnet to wear while singing and dancing to our Easter songs then gathering everyone round for a sing and dance with the kids. They will love it. be sure to take pics and send us in a note if you do.

Make Your Own Easter Bonnet together and sing Easter Parade


Plain Hat - you can use a hat that you no longer wear..we found this one




Flowers (I'm all for real flowers if you have them)


Pom Poms (okay I have alot of pom poms but you could use cotton wool? or scrunch up coloured paper?

Easter felts (you could cut cut out some easter shapes using paper)

Plastic Easter Egg Holders (why not - kids love opening and closing these, which is great for fine/motor and you can pop a little surprise inside

****Essential item

Hot Glue Gun (i have no idea how you would do this project without this!

Now all you have to do is assemble using your hot glue gun. Just choose where you want to stick things or better still let your toddler or preschooler decide where to put things.


Put our song Easter Parade on in the background and have fun creating a design for your hat with your toddler without the glue gun. Just have fun putting items on the hat and try a few different designs. Dance the items you pick up to the music and put them on the hat in a fun way...your toddler will copy you and enjoy the fun of the task.

Recommend hot gluing is not done near toddlers

Now you're ready to start gluing...BUT i reckon this would be best when they take a little glue is not a good combination with little ones...

Here's Miss C (11yrs) wearing her finished hat and you can watch our timelapse of her doing a great job making her hat and filming herself at the same time. It really didn't take her long!

You can do it and still get a little nap in yourself...

Don't forget to enjoy the Easter Family Music special on BLMF TV this Easter

BLMF TV is easy to use. Sign in to Rent Easter Family Music Special for $15/72 hours

You can rent the 1 hour special to watch this Easter with your family and watch it for 72 hours. Toddlers and preschoolers love repetition and they will love repeating this class again and the great thing about our music program is our music is high quality and very enjoyable for both children and adults.


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