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Learn lullabies with rhythmic rocking and help your toddler find their thumb with our new content

Check out our new videos dropping this week... "WE'RE GOING ON A CROC HUNT MUSICAL BOOK" Join on a musical adventure with five different instruments representing five different places we have to go through to find the croc. Playing rhythms while singing them improves phonological awareness and using different instruments improves auditory processing skills. Acting out and role-play will help your child's social and emotional development and literacy (comprehension) of the story. So many educational reasons to join in, so let's go find a Croc!

"WALK AND TALKERS - FIND MY THUMB" A lovely class to work on your 2 year old's ability to find and move their thumb. A very important fine motor development stage for 2 year olds. Plus a big focus on numeracy in this session with activities such as: 'Hide and Seek,' 'Count to Five' and '10 Steps.' This class we also focus on drums being just like circles and other valuable skills! "LULLABY ROCK" Enjoy rhythmic rocking with your baby to this peaceful tune and Mel's beautiful singing. Research studies have found that moving in sync with others makes people like each other more and makes people more helpful. Bond with your child, sway to the Waltz beat with Mel with tapping your baby gently to the beat. The same effect as when concert goers feel happy when moving together in a big group is achieved. Everyone responds to this and it's a great way to make your baby happy and calm. "10 MINS TEDDIES" Join Aurora for 10 minutes of music fun with TEDDY BEARS! Three songs, "My Little Teddy Bear Dances With Me," "Ring around a Rosie" and "Teddybartanz." If you don't have much time and you want a bit of a teddybear-dance, this video is perfect. These activities foster pure joy, encourage gross motor skills and practice the concept of opposite when moving teddies up and down, side to side and round and round.

For all our wonderful musical content on BLMF On Demand visit: today! 7 DAY FREE TRIAL Engaging, Entertaining and Educational No risk, sign up today!


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