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We've got some amazing new music sessions for you and your family to enjoy at home!


Enjoy this fantastic rendition of "A Tisket A Tasket" by Melanie Maslin. This jazzy tune is the backdrop to an activity all about taking turns and sharing. Listen to the lyrics and dance around to this great jazz piece!

"I CAN SING A RAINBOW" Join Aurora for this fun mixed toddler session! This class includes rhythm activities with drums, lots of dancing and shaking, colour recognition and numeracy skill practice. Not to mention bouncy ball fun too! We know a lot about the benefits of moving in-sync to music and how it helps our social bonding and reading comprehension for the future. Bouncing in sync with someone also makes us like them more and makes us more helpful. This is why we have incorporating this action in the form of bouncing on bouncy balls, together with these fun songs.

"I LOVE MY CAT - PUPPET SHOW" This is the best way to practice some animals noises with your little one. Classical music is way less grating and more sophisticated than Old McDonald Had A Farm. Aaron Copland is a famous 20th Century American composer and he wrote this wonderful song, I Bought Me a Cat. We're bringing you the song with our fun musical arrangement and an Aussie twist. In classes and concerts this is one of our most loved puppet shows for you to watch over and over and practice all the crazy animals on this farm. Sung by the fabulous young voice of Aurora Lee and featuring all our puppets. Let's sing!


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