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Winter School Holiday Music Fun - We're Open

Here's how our music program can save your sanity over the break with the big kids at home:

With the devastating news that we've all been asked to stay home and keep interaction to a minimum we're continuing to run over the school holiday break and reminding you about our great affordable and highly usable offers that can really brighten you and your little one's day.

Subscribe to BLMF Now - $60/month cancel anytime

We're almost up to 50 classes - It's EPIC

Now is the PERFECT time to subscribe to BLMF Now!!!

Subscribe for just $60/month or


$15 for a 72 hour period!!!

Zoom Sessions are on over the Break

Book In for a 40 minute music session with Aurora or Mel.($20/session)

Don't miss the 4 FREE 30 minute sessions being offered by Brickworks Shopping Centre.

Book via Eventbrite here

Stream our Class Music and Watch them play happily

Log in and play our music from classes - no screens, just music for high quality home play. Mel is singing on all the tracks to help you remember how it all goes and what to do!

Psychology research shows after just 10 minutes of quality music play with your child they are more likely to happily continue playing on their own!!

Face to Face Sessions - Up to 5 children

Book BLMF for a home or park visit with a few friends. Max booking is 5 kids and when you share the cost with a friend you all benefit from economies of scale.

Plus it is so easy to request a time with me - simple request a time and pay on the day via our handy Tap and Go

Suggested Park venues are: Your home (as seen below) Peppercorn Park, Burnley Park and Barkley Gardens

Here's the rate card:

1 child - $40

2 children - $50 ($25 each)

3 children - $60 ($20 each)

4 children - $70

5 children - $80

Face to face sessions inspire happy self-play afterwards especially when they are in your own home! We even incorporate your toys and instruments to encourage creative play.

NB: This home session was the very first time these boys had done a music session together...afterwards they played happily next each other while the mums and I chatted.

(Thanks for allowing me to post this video - Mel)

Stay Tuned for our Free Offerings as well.

We're also planning some Insta and Facebook Free live sessions over the holidays so make sure you follow us to join in the Free Fun.

Join our new Facebook Community Group - to catch our Free Lives


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