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Term 2 is here. Join us for Zoom Live Streams OR anytime On Demand Classes with BLMFTV ...or do BOTH

Everyone's new schedule is different right now so we feel like we have options that will suit you all. It's really easy to get started straight away with any of them.

FIRST: You need to decide whether you want:


or maybe you want both!!!


Term 2 Dates for daily streams are:

Monday 20 April - Saturday 4 July - for Daily Live Stream Class Monday - through Saturday

How to Book Live Stream Classes

If you're looking for online music classes and activities to do with your baby, toddler, preschooler or prep-1,2 children with heaps of interaction lead by an expert music teacher and musician look no further than our innovative and highly interactive daily live stream music classes.

Live Stream group classes gives you live contact with your teacher and classmates and weekly class structure.

We are offering classes daily Monday to Saturday and have classes each day for babies, toddlers. preschoolers and even after-school options for school kids. See our class timetable

NB: Live stream classes can only be taken LIVE at timetabled class time to do classes at a time that suits you see ON DEMAND options further below.

1. Go to BOOK IN page to book a live stream class at a scheduled time

2. Find the class for your age level/group - click BOOK IN

3. Click on the Time of the class, on the Day of the week you want - it will get a grey box around it when you select it like you can see in the image below - click on the time and then you will be able to click on NEXT and complete your booking.

4. DECIDE between PAYG $20 or pay $14/class with our LIVE STREAM PASS

LIVE STREAM PASS - $168 (3 months to book any 12 live stream classes)

Use to book classes for the whole - Baby, Toddler and Preschooler.

5. Click on book a session for $20 or pay with a pricing plan - which is Live Stream Pass $168 for baby, toddler, preschool classes and $140

Term pass for school kids class is 10 weeks $140 - choose buy a pricing plan

Have a Coupon Code:

BLMFTV Monthly Subscribers can also book any LIVE STREAM sessions and pay only $5/class. This is amazing value.

Subscribers will be sent a weekly coupon code to use each week straight to their email so look out for that - or contact us if you don't receive the code.

Enter the coupon code at checkout here.

Once we receive your booking we will send you a Zoom link with PDF details on how to join your booked class and what props you will need.

Your zoom link opens in any browser on any device - we recommend a desktop or ipad (bigger screen better) so even link it up to your tv

Push back the furniture and get ready to join your teacher and classmates for music, brain development and fun.

How do I Watch The On Demand Classes

If you decide you'd rather access music class any time you want then our ON DEMAND BLMFTV channel is what you need.

Here on BLMFTV once you sign in you will have access to full music classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers that you can access via PAYG $15/class or Subscribe/$60/month for more benefits.

BLMFTV Monthly Subscriber - $60/month

Access to watch unlimited videos anytime, anywhere for the month

Play, pause, watch favourites.

New content added every week.

MONTHLY EXTRAS - while you subscribe*

If you want to do ON DEMAND CLASSES and LIVE STREAM CLASSES - BLMFTV Monthly Subscriber is the Best Value Pass. Yo get $5 LIVE STREAM CLASSES with this $60 PASS

*Monthly Subscribers also get weekly coupons to book live stream classes for just $5.

and can also access our extensive music library for high quality music from our program to stream anytime and also access to exclusive spotify playlists curated by us and SHOP discounts.

Feedback about BLMFTV is brilliant. Parents really love the ease of using and you can see the magic of music working on your child's development.

It's just like Netflix for music classes.

You subscribe then you can watch any music class for babies, toddlers or preschoolers, anytime. So easy and the benefits to your child are clear to observe and the program is easy to learn yourself so that can become a better teacher for your child. It's really a win win, this tool for parents is an absolute game changer in just how easy and enjoyable and rewarding it is as a parent to use music to help your child grow a bigger better brain.

How do I subscribe? You do it yourself online using your credit card, Alipay or Paypal. Watch this quick video and head to BLMFTV page to start your monthly subscription right away.

1. Go to BLMFTV page

2. Scroll to this video viewer and CLICK on SUBSCRIBE A$60/mo

3. That will take you to this screen:

This is what the subscription page looks like. You do need to be a signed in site member to subscribe.

Everyone can sign up for Free access to our site and FREE videos.

View longer 15 minute sample clips of BLMFTV classes here once you're signed in to see how brilliant and easy accessing our amazing music classes is now.

How do I PAYG with BLMFTV?

1. Choose a class by looking through all the categories via age, theme, music genre

2. Click on the play button to watch a trailor of the selected class

3. Click on the $ button to Rent the class for $15 to watch unlimited for 72 hours

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Welcome to anyone from around the world who wants to join our classes. Now you can with our online options

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